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Bio-Medical Waste Management System

Services Offered

IMAGE affiliates all modern medicine health care institutions in both Private & Government like Hospitals based on their bed strength, Clinics based on number of rooms & facilities, Labs based on diagnostic facilities (Category A, B, C & D), Dental Clinics based on number of Dental Chairs . A nominal non refundable fee is being charged during affiliation. The operating expense is being met by charging a nominal monthly fee as operational cost declared for the category of HCI. The IMAGE plant has been working effectively from January 2004 and has been rendering meritorious service to the State since its inception.

IMAGE provides the following services for the affiliated health care institutions.

  • Training to the biomedical waste management staff of the affiliated institution for scientific segregation and safe handling of biomedical waste.
  • Facilitation for procurement of appropriate barcoded - colour coded bags and containers for collection of segregated biomedical waste.
  • Collection of segregated biomedical waste from the institutions from the designated storage area.
  • Transportation of the collected waste in closed vehicles authorised by the Pollution Control Board.
  • Treatment and Disposal of the biomedical waste in scientific manner at the IMAGE plant, strictly adhering to the Biomedical Waste Management Rules 2016.
  • MaintainRecords on the quantity of biomedical waste collected, transported, treated and disposed.
  • Provide necessary information to the health care institutions and the Pollution Control Board as and when necessary on bio medical waste generated, collected and disposed from the affiliated institutions.
  • Create awareness among the public about the need for proper biomedical waste management & treatment plants.
  • Organise medical camps as part of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Service to Private Healthcare Institutions:

IMAGE provides comprehensive service to all private health care institutions by executing the complete cycle of biomedical waste disposal, right from regular collection of biomedical waste from affiliate health care institutions in barcoded colour - coded bags, transportation in specially designed dedicated vehicles, scientific treatment and safe disposal of the biomedical waste, brought into the Common Biomedical Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility run by Indian Medical Association, Kerala State Branch at Palakkad.

IMAGE thereby ensures scientific disposal of infectious waste generated from health care institutions across Kerala, within 48 hours, in accordance with the stipulations laid down in the Biomedical Waste Management Rules 2016 released by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. Ref: G.S.R. 343(E)

Service to Government Healthcare Institutions:

All government healthcare instittutions under Directorate of Health Services Kerala and Directorate of Medical Education of Kerala are beneficiaries of the special scheme of IMAGE by which they are exempted from paying affiliation fees and are entitled for the service from IMAGE at a subsidized rate.

Service to Pharmaceutical Companies:

Collection and disposal of discarded medicines and the issue of statutory Destruction Certificates are the services offered by IMAGE to all registered Pharmaceutical Firms in the state.

Service to Residential Apartments:

Biomedical waste generated from the apartment complexes in the cities of Kerala is assuming humongous proportions. As pioneers in the field of biomedical waste management, IMAGE, through a joint venture withCREDAI CLEAN CITY MOVEMENT will be launching a project to scientifically collect, treat and dispose household (domestic) biomedical waste from tyhe residential apartments in Kerala. This is being planned as part of a comprehensive expansion plan of IMAGE while establishing more Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facilities at Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram & other cities of Kerala in the near future.

Service to Local Self Governments (Corporations, Municipalities & Grama Panchayaths):

IPerinthalmanna Municiplaity as part of its Jeevanam Programme signed an MOU with IMAGE for the management of domestic biomedical waste in this municipality. This is a Pilot Project of IMAGE, first of its kind in the whole Nation, to scientifically manage the household biomedical waste which is a raising concern in the country. IMAGE is committed to extend its service to all local bodies once more IMAGE CBWTFs are approved in variuos parts of the state by the Government of Kerala.

Training on Biomedical Waste Handling and Segregation:

IMAGE through a team of skilled trainers, conducts regular training sessions to all affiliate healthcare institutions on the various facets of biomedical waste handling and segregation.

Biomedical Waste Collection

IMAGE provides comprehensive service to health care institutions by regular collection of biomedical waste from health care facilities in barcoded & colour coded bags,transportation in specially designed vehicles, treatment and final disposal in its Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facility (CBWTF) as per the Biomedical Waste Management Rules 2016, thereby ensuring scientific disposal of infectious waste generated from health care facilities all over Kerala, within 48 hours. Barcoded-Colour coded bags and containers are to be procured in sufficient numbers by all affiliated HCIs for seggregation and collection of waste at source. Special training is imparted to hospital staff regarding seggregation and collection

Transportation of Biomedical Waste

IMAGE runs 73 GPS installed covered vehicles for collection of biomedical waste within 24 hours from the whole length & breadth of Kerala, which are specially designed as per the Biomedical Waste Management Rule and approved by the Pollution Control Board, which ply a distance of 10,000 km per day. Each vehicle crew includes a driver, a sanitary worker and a supervisor. Each vehicle collects biomedical waste daily and are taken to district transfer stations, from there directly to the plant at Palakkad taking all safety measures.
All these vehicles are monitored through GPS Satellite Monitoring using AVL View Software Application. The movement of waste collection vehicles are monitored through GPS system and the waste collection is monitored through the mobile application system. Introduction of Bar-coding system to monitor each and every bag from the source till the end is going on and it will be completed within couple of months.

Biomedical waste treatment details

On an average, about 55.8 Tonnes of biomedical waste reaches the IMAGE plant daily, of which 30.5 Tonnes are Incinerable waste (that collected in Yellow bags), 19 Tonnes Autoclavable waste (that collected in Red bags), 5 Tonnes are Bottles, 0.7 Tonne is Sharps & Metals, 0.6 Tonne is Dicarded medicines. This waste is collected from all 13,000+ healthcare centres across the state of Kerala within 24 hours of its generation.

The quantity of biomedical waste handled by IMAGE

AUTOCLAVABLE WASTE 19 Tonnes 570 Tonnes 6,840 Tonnes
INCINERABLE WASTE 30.5 Tonnes 915 Tonnes 10,980 Tonnes
BOTTLE WASTE 5 Tonnes 150 Tonnes 1,825 Tonnes
SHARPS & DISCARDED MED 1.3 Tonne 39 Tonnes 468 Tonnes
TOTAL 55.8 Tonnes 1674 Tonnes 20,088 Tonnes


Barcode System Implementation

As per the Biomedical Management Rules 2016 and the directions of Central and State Pollution Control Boards, Bar coding system is to be implemented for Biomedical Waste Management at the earliest. The Bar Code will contain the Unique identification of the Healthcare establishment, colour of the bag, supplier of the bag etc. Once the Bar coding is implemented, IMAGE will be able to collect Biomedical waste only barcoded containers & bags. IMA has entrusted PEPS to supply Colour Bar Coded bags and containers as per the standards prescribed by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change, Central and State Pollution Control Boards. IMAGE has developed the software for supply of barcode labelled bags and IMA PEPS has authorized 4 regional distributors to supply the colour coded barcoded bags and containers. Since colour coded barcoded bags and containers are proprietary items developed for this purpose alone, all affiliated healthcare centres are instructed to procure these from IMA PEPS authorized dealers being supplied at reasonable price. (details below)

The Pollution Control Board will be monitoring the movement of the barcoded bags & containers from Health care establishment to the Biomedical waste treatment plant with the help of online link being provided by IMAGE. All the affiliated HCIs are requested to co-operate with IMAGE for the scientific treatment and disposal of the biomedical waste as per the BMW M Rules 2016 and keep our environment health and safe.

Authorised Dealers for the Supply of Consumables :

IMAGE is offering a value added service to its esteemed customers, in association with IMA PEPS, by identifying dealers for the supply of all consumables related to the management of biomedical waste. This include Colour Coded- Barcoded Biomedical Waste Collection Bags & Containers, Needle Destroyer Units, Puncture proof-leak proof-tamper proof containers for collection of sharps, Display labels & stickers with instructions and signages related to the safe handling & segregation of biomedical waste.

For Bags & Containers related requirements, please contact

IMA PEPS Office,
IMA Headquarters Anayara,
Thiruvananthapuram (Mob: 9747278759)


Dr. Subeer Hussain,
Joint Secretary, IMA PEPS (Mob: 98959 33717)

The cost of the colour coded barcoded bag is as follows*:


  19'' x  22'' 24'' x 30'' 30'' x 35'' 33'' x 40''
Slab i  - 100  -  500 Nos. 4.65 + 18%  GST 7.90 + 18%  GST 10.40 +18%  GST 12.40 + 18%  GST
Slab ii -  600 - 2000 Nos. 4.45 + 18%  GST 7.70 + 18%  GST 10.20 + 18%  GST 12.20 + 18%  GST
Slab iii - 2100 - 5000 Nos. 4.35 + 18%  GST 7.50 + 18%  GST 10.00 + 18%  GST 12.00 + 18%  GST
Slab iv - 5100 and above 4.25 + 18%  GST 7.30 + 18%  GST 9.80  + 18%  GST 11.80  + 18%  GST

The List of IMA PEPS authorised suppliers for the Barcoded Colour coded Biomedical Waste Collection Bags & Containers

Districts Supplier Contact Number


Mr. Anu Kumar. R,
M/s. Safe Care
AMC VII*112, Near G.H.S.S, Attingal



Mr. Umesh. D
M/s. Metro Global Resource
Standard Potteries Road
Thaikattukara. P.O, Aluva



Mr. T. Jayaraj & Mr. Rejinold,
Medilink Enterprises (P) Ltd
No.22/835,836, Kalariparambu, Pudussery P.O,
Palakkad - 678007



Mr. Gopala Krishnan
Doctors Co-operative Society
Evergreen Apartments, T. C Road,
Chirakkara, Thalassery,



Work force of IMAGE

IMAGE is operated by about 450 staff working together for the IMAGE, GJ Multiclave, Aryaja Industries & Security agency.

1 Co-Ordinators 11
2 Branch Incharges 10
3 Custonmer Support Executives 14
4 Plant Supervisors 14
5 Truck Supervisors 54
6 Pickers 33
7 Drivers 31
8 Plant Labourers 52
9 Plant Incharge 1
10 Plant Manager 1
11 Plant Clerk 2
12 Office Staff 7
13 Manager Cadre Staff 5
14 Scrap Dealing Staff 101
15 Contract Workers 115
16 AdministrativeStaff 8
Total 463


Care for Environment

The plant is set up in a remote place where there is no human settlements in 2 KMs circle around the plant.The plant is provided with enough Green vegetation cover which is beneficial in many ways leading to conservation of biodiversity, retention of soil moisture, recharge of ground water and maintaining pleasant micro climate of the region. In addition, vegetation cover can also absorb pollutants from the environment and helps in effective environmental pollution control.

IMAGE is regularly conducting tests of Air, Water & Stack emission to safeguard the interest of Green Earth.

The ambient noise levels, water samples from various water sources of plant are tested at least once in a month.


    Through this, the complete details of the particular HCI from which BMW is collected, will be automatically registered and the data will be transmitted immediately through clouds to the IMAGE server.
  • GPS Vehicle Monitoring system (AVL View)
    This has been developed for online monitoring of all 53 Waste Collection Vehicles running across the state.
  • IMAGE Online Affiliation Process
    The affiliation process for joining IMAGE by Healthcare establishments has been made online through
  • Surveillance Cameras
    IMAGE has installed 95 Surveillance cameras in the plant for the real-time day & night monitoring of activities inside the plant. The data is also stored in servers for future reference.
  • Online Continuous Monitoring of Stack Emission
    Online Continuous Stack Emission Monitoring System (CSEMS) are being installed in IMAGE plant as per the request of Pollution Control Board authorities for the measurement of pollutants within the stack emission. Monitoring within the stack presents a number of problems due to extremes of temperature, velocity of sample and pressure. OCEMS is used for continuous emissions monitoring in biomedical waste incinerators. Presently the emission parameters like CO, CO2, Temperatures of Primary & Secondary Chambers are uploaded in real time to the servers of KS PCB & CPCB, Typically, concentrations of SO2, NO, NO2, N2O, NH3, O2 and TOC (Total Organic Carbon) can also be continuously measured.
    Continuous Stack Emission Monitoring Systems (OCEMS) accumulates data on a pre-determined time schedule. The Pollution Control Board can monitor the stack emission online in real-time and it is self-reporting to the authorities when permit limits are exceeded.

Other Services offered by IMAGE

Koumarasree Project
“Koumarasree” is an extension of Biomedical Waste Management activity of the Indian Medical Association Kerala State Branch attempting to ensure a clean and safe environment. IMAGE attempts to spread its activity beyond safe disposal of biomedical waste from healthcare institutions across the state by joining hands with the local branches of Indian Medical Association to scientifically dispose used sanitary napkins from school across the state. The services of IMAGE will be rendered to schools sponsored by the local branches of the Indian Medical Association


Research Centre
IMAGE is planning to set up one research centre with consent from Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHAS) to facilitate training on Biomedical waste management solutions & also for training health care workers across the Kerala on safe handling & proper segregation of Biomedical waste. We have also initiated discussion with KUHAS on starting Paramedical Courses related to Biomedical Waste Management.

Need for additional Facility
The IMAGE Plant at Palakkad was established as a health industry wide response to a crisis situation in the handling of biomedical waste management and has taken the burden of handling a large capacity of average 36 tonnes of biomedical waste per day using a fleet of 53 vehicles covering 10,000 kms per day. However, due to the immense pressure felt on the facility at Palakkad, owing to the humungous volume of bio medical waste being brought into the facility on a daily basis, the current situation is not ideal for the state especially with its unique geographical layout, road congestions and high density of health care beds. The current model has inherent risks of potential accidents with resultant spills of toxic biomedical waste and also higher transportation and handling costs to transport waste from southern and northern parts of the state.

It is well understood from experience and published studies that there is increased efficiency and safety in handling biomedical waste with in specific geographical clusters itself. Also a risk mitigation strategy for a scenario of shutting down of the current plant in Palakkad due to unforeseen circumstances like a natural calamity which would lead to pile up on biomedical waste across the state due to lack of an alternate facility.

Thus IMAGE itself has advocated the concept of creating a more decentralized approach with division of the state into zones for logistical purposes and more efficiency in handling of biomedical waste.

Kochi Project
There is an increased growth in bed capacities in Kochi hospitals adding over 700-800 tertiary care beds per year in average. Ernakulam District is the largest district which generates the highest quantity of biomedical waste in the state. Also there is an additional scenario of increasing quantity of biomedical waste being generated at domestic level. A recent study by Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India (CREDAI) has identified increasing issues of disposal of this waste especially in large apartment complexes.

IMAGE proposes to build its second Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Facility (CBWTF) in Kerala in Ernakulum district. This is a as a part of the overall vision of IMAGE to create a facility each in four zones created for logistical purposes; there by bringing in optimal Bio-medical waste treatment facilities in Kerala.

Present Status of Kochi Project
The Government of Kerala has allotted 3 acres land to IMA at Brahammapuram, Kochi vide order G.O.(MS)No.295/15/LSGD dated TVM-23.09.2015 to set up a Common Biomedical Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility. Since the land is in the possession of Kochi Corporation, it is pending allotment by the Corporation. Once the land is formally handed over by cochin corporation, apllications for clearence from appropriate authorities can be processed.

Palode (Thiruvananthapuram) Project
IMAGE bought 7 acres of land at Elavupalam, Palode to establish a Common Bio medical Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility in revenue land, to cater to the southern districts of Trivandrum, Kollam, Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha.

Applications were moved with the Kerala State Pollution Control Board and Department of Forest for necessary consents to establish the new facility.

The Kerala State Pollution Control Board granted consent on 06.12.2012 for three year period.

Now the project is awaiting final Environmental Clearence from SEIAA

Value Added Services:
Apart from availing the benefits of scientific disposal of highly infectious biomedical waste from their premises, all affiliate institutions can draw upon the various value added services offered by IMAGE like,

  • Offering advice and assistance in procuring materials like needle destroyers, barcoded/colour coded bags, sharp containers, bnstruction labels on biomedical waste safe handling & segregation, colour coded buckets & storage containers etc. as per the specifications under the BMW M Rules 2016
  • Affiliated institutions are provided with necessary Annual Reports & Certificates* regarding the quantity of biomedical waste collected and disposed from their institution, enabling them to file mandatory returns before the Kerala State Pollution Control Board
  • Affiliation to IMAGE is mandatory for getting valid license from the local self governments for running the health care institutions.

Subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions

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