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Indian Medical Association, Kerala State Branch, established IMAGE, a state-of-the art Common Biomedical Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility at Palakkad and it was commissioned on 14th December 2003. IMAGE was conceived and launched to support healthcare providers to overcome the challenges posed by the responsibilities laid down in the Biomedical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 1998.

IMAGE (Indian Medical Association Goes Eco-friendly), the biomedical waste treatment and disposal project of the Indian Medical Association has been wrought with challenges. IMAGE is unique in conception and execution. The project is a testimony of the grit, determination and social commitment of the Indian Medical Association. I.M.A by its persistence has achieved resounding success by overcoming the difficulties in dealing with a ravaging issue of biomedical waste in the state of Kerala. The story of IMAGE is a reflection of public trust and the unshakable faith in IMA's credentials. IMAGE is an institution of excellence and is now renowned as "THE KERALA MODEL" having catapulted God's Own Country ahead of other states in the field of Biomedical Waste Management.


The Indian Medical Association – Kerala State Branch has taken up the challenge of disposal of hospital waste by establishing a Common Biomedical Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility at Palakkad in accordance with the provision of the Biomedical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 1998 and with the approval of Kerala State Pollution Control Board.

IMA in 2002 decided to start 4 Biomedical waste management plants in each zones of state of Kerala (North, Middle, Middle East & South Zones) as per the request of Govt. of Kerala in 2002. In a state where land is at a premium and the fragile geological parameters which makes the disposal of biomedical waste a difficult proposition, and also due to the social stigma behind such waste treatment plants, IMA could only establish one plant (IMAGE Plant at Palakkad) which has been able to provide comprehensive solution to the Biomedical Waste Management woes of the health care facilities functioning in Kerala.

at the time of its inception in year 2003, had commenced operations with one incinerator, one autoclave, one shredder with a single sharp pit. IMAGE evolved over the years through a sustained expansion program adhering to the needs of its clients by embracing modern technology and equipment. All the districts in the state was brought under the purview of the service rendered by IMAGE in phases. During the initial years of its inception it was the major private hospitals in the state who had benefited from the service of IMAGE. In the year 2005 the Government of Kerala approached IMAGE for extending the coverage to the Government Healthcare Institutions as well. A Memorandum of Understanding was inked between the Government of Kerala and IMAGE bringing all the Government Healthcare Institutions in the purview of the service of IMAGE. The vast expands of the project now renders IMAGE as the largest Common Biomedical Waste Treatment and Disposal facility in INDIA.