Statutory Online Monitoring System


IMAGE – Bio Medical Waste management system in Kerala is backed up on a robust Cloud software which helps to run the entire process to run smoothly from Bar code generation till the Bio Medical Waste processing at the central plant.

Each and every bag supplied by IMAGE to 18000+ hospitals in Kerala is uniquely barcoded which will help the authorities to identify the source of the bag at any stage.

The Collection which goes to collect the Filled in -Bio medical waste, has got a mobile app, which can scan each and every bag before loading in to the vehicle. The Same mobile app is capable of identifying each and every Health care establishment (HCE) with unique QR Code which is pre-fixed at the each HCE.



Before the collected bags are processed, each and every bag is again scanned for the barcode to identify the HCE its is collected from, and weighed to record the measurement of waste collected.




The same cloud application is extended to each HCE , that they can login to do various activities like Invoice printing, online payment , knowing the volume of BMW waste collected from them etc.,




    Through this, the complete details of the particular HCI from which BMW is collected, will be automatically registered and the data will be transmitted immediately through clouds to the IMAGE server.

  2. ) GPS Vehicle Monitoring system (AVL View)

    This has been developed for online monitoring of all 53 Waste Collection Vehicles running across the state.

  3. ) IMAGE Online Affiliation Process

    The affiliation process for joining IMAGE by Healthcare establishments has been made online through

  4. ) Surveillance Cameras

    IMAGE has installed 95 Surveillance cameras in the plant for the real-time day & night monitoring of activities inside the plant. The data is also stored in servers for future reference.

  5. ) Online Continuous Monitoring of Stack Emission

    Online Continuous Stack Emission Monitoring System (CSEMS) are being installed in IMAGE plant as per the request of Pollution Control Board authorities for the measurement of pollutants within the stack emission. Monitoring within the stack presents a number of problems due to extremes of temperature, velocity of sample and pressure. OCEMS is used for continuous emissions monitoring in biomedical waste incinerators. Presently the emission parameters like CO, CO2, Temperatures of Primary & Secondary Chambers are uploaded in real time to the servers of KS PCB & CPCB, Typically, concentrations of SO2, NO, NO2, N2O, NH3, O2 and TOC (Total Organic Carbon) can also be continuously measured. Continuous Stack Emission Monitoring Systems (OCEMS) accumulates data on a pre-determined time schedule. The Pollution Control Board can monitor the stack emission online in real-time and it is self-reporting to the authorities when permit limits are exceeded.